Present Junes

  Junes is a man currently residing in Virbank, who behind his lowlife exterior is just a grieving soul. He has aspirations of controlling the great Arceus, and is taking on the five leagues to do so. He is very much like a criminal who works for anyone who pays the right price, and has a personal vendetta against gym leaders.===


1.Hatred in Hoenn

Born in Virbank, Unova, Junes was born alongside his twin brother Max. During the duration of their childhood, they had managed to watch all up and coming trainers take on various leagues, and challenges. From the great Red who battled for Kanto's liberation of team rocket, Gold who battled Red's legacy, Sapphire and Ruby who took on the Hoenn leagues up and rising contests and the teams magma and aqua. Even the fall of Team galactic and Team Plasma by the newer dex holders. The two sibilings had vowed to become great trainers like their peers, and at the ages fifteen, the two become trainers themselves, during the Hoenn frontier. Their parents, who lived average lives, had gotten the two a ride to their choice location to begin their quest, and they wanted to go to Hoenn to follow Sapphire and Ruby's lead. They had arrived to Sootopolis first, but to their horror, they had arrived during the great battle of the titan pokemon, Groundon and Kyogre. The bird pokemon which they were all perched upon was brutally tossed into the rocky volcano wall over the battle, where the family was scattered except for the brothers. Clinging onto a barely concious Max, Junes watched as the two creator pokemon clashed repeatedly, crumbling buildings and sending harsh waves up onto the town surrounding it. Junes' grip was slipping, and soon the two would fall, but at the last second, Max looked up at his brother, and with a smile, pushed off of him. Stricken with grief, Junes pushed up onto the hanging cliff, in shock of what had just transpired, and to a bigger surprise, he looked up to see non other but the gym leader, who was looking up at him with a blank expression. The injured Junes stared back, and watched as the gym leader walked off, heading towards the battle. It was then that Junes understood, the gym leader watched the whole time. It wasn't until after the incident clear that Junes saw the true horror of the incident. Men and women dying from starvation, homes destroyed, families ruined, and the beacon of hope, the gym leader, had continually left for other business, leaving the people to fend for himself. Junes helped out as well, and soon became an idol amongst the people. He had a scraggy as a started, and the two helped by fending off angry water pokemon while the fishermen gathered food, broke down walls so new ones could be rebuilt. After months of work, the gym leader had returned, and the people praised him, as if he helped. Junes, and scrafty, which had evolved from the work, returned to Virbank with a new found hatred for the system of the world.

2.A god among pokemon

After losing his family, all Junes had at home was the old home his parents had maintained, and soon lost that due to not having enough money. He had to take to the streets, battling and stealing to survive. He became an adept trainer, and though he fought alittle dirty, had a reputation of being, "Virbank's Mastermind" During the next year, he watched from afar the incidents in Sinnoh and even his own Unova. He grew stronger with the rest of the new dex holding class, and changed with his views too. He looked at these new threats, the terrorists known as team galatic and plasma, as idealists. He understood what they were after, and even sympathized with their charismatic leaders. One incident held a spot in his mind the most, and that was Giratina's arrival. He was in awe at the sheer power such a pokemon had, power that not even the champion could handle. It was also a sign that if a devilish pokemon like Giratina existed, then the legend of the great creator must be true. He followed sinnoh's champion's work, as she explained mythology and lore over radio broadcasts, tv shows, books and other forms of media. He then decided himself, that for Max, he'd control these beasts, and become a king amongst trainers, so that noone would ever suffer his fate.


Junes is a five foot eight 20 year old man weighing in at 195 lbs. He has tanned skin, and a large cross scar on his forehead from the Sootopolis incident.  He has scars on his hands and arms too, which is usually covered up by wrappings. He usually wears shades, and wears large baggy clothing. He has spiked up hair with three fang like bangs that hang infront of his right eye. He has a large spiky ponytail that he lets down during his alone time. He has a very athletic build, not being totally ripped but still toned.


A very vulgar man who has be shaped by the cruel streets he was forced to grow up alone in. With a battle first, think later mentality, he consistently gets into trouble with the law and other high ranking individuals with sometimes crazed speech. He has a tendency to say "shit" as an adjective or even a verb.


Homika- He has respect for the shorter gym leader who took over for Lenora. Though he consistently hastles her, he, even though he's older, looks at her as a role model that not all gym leaders or trainers have to be sophisticated, flirty snobs.

Erika- He is confused at her cryptic threats, yet outward kindness to him, and has mixed feelings between hate, and kindness towards her.

He doesn't have many other relationships, as everyone else is an enemy to him in his eyes.


In battle clubs he has ranked no.1 in virbank

He has taken place in a few poketopia challenges, and came first in the courtyard tournament


Scrafty(Pokey)- (Male) Jolly, Ability: Moxie, Moves: Dragon Dance, Drain Punch, Dragon Tail, Crunch

Scrafty was the result of a joint effort between Max who had his pokemon first, and Junes, who had terrific aim with a pokeball. The scraggy was an unusual one, living not too far away from their old home. The scraggy was strong, having a headbutt that trounced max, and sent Junes flying. After a five day excursion, the scraggy finally tired out, and Junes was able to capture the fatigued pokemon. It contrasts Junes' personality, being pretty happy-go-lucky. It plays as a mentor for newer pokemon that Junes either steals or captures, and Junes never has a problem when it comes to rebellion.

The rest of Junes team is some sort of dark or fighting pokemon. He'll either steal a trainer's pokemon, or use his old pokemon. The rest of his pokemon in the Pc are, Cacturne, Hitmonchan, Murkrow, Houndour, and the only variant is Max's starter, which was a Tailow.